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Behind the Feral Girls

This feral girl series explores the boundaries between animal and human. Each girl obscures her face with an animal skull, removing the element of humanity we strive to find in all things: the face. With body language and the stark black and white treatment, these girls become “other” and though we share the same genetic code, they seem wild and unapproachable.

I started each image by choosing the skull, like a ram, for instance. Then I would research how the animal moved in life, and developed a pose for my girl.

While creating her pose, I would also develop a character and story for the girl. Using that story, I would give her appropriate clothing and accessories, hinting at her tale while maintaining her enigma.

Once I had a satisfactory sketch in pencil, I enlarge and transfer the sketch to bristol board using a light table and begin drawing the final image with micron pens. Then I keep going until the drawing comes to life.

To find out about a particular feral girl, click on the corresponding link.

Feral Girl

Bird Girl

Ram Girl

Fox Girl

Wolf Girl

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